How to paint skirting boards

With the number of options available on board, homeowners have started resorting to having their skirting boards painted for adding more variety and look to them. They can hire the assistance of the professional to paint skirting boards or, they could purchase paints and painting tools and get started with the painting process. Let’s have a look at how one can perform a DIY skirting board painting project by themselves:

  1. Pick a color for skirting boards. As a rule, the color and tone of your skirting boards should complement the color tone of your walls. The darker skirting boards would result in making your house look spacious, and it would add a contemporary touch to your room. On the contrary, the light color skirting boards should help with adding a unique touch to your room.
  2. Be selecting with choosing a brush when painting skirting boards. For most skirting boards, you would be required to use a two-inch or 5cm brush for stroking paint on the skirting board. However, if you are using water-based paint to color your skirting boards—you should select synthetic brushes for doing the job.
  3. On the contrary, you should consider using a soft dry brush for the removal of dust and loose pain from the surface area to be painted.
  4. You should consider working on a clean and primed base to ensure feasible outcomes. If the skirting boards to be painted are dirty or chipped then, it wouldn’t adhere the paint effectively.
  5. Tape up the edges and get started with the painting job. You should consider working the paint into the brush, and gently stroke it across the skirting boards. Continue with the application of a second coat, and make sure that the skirting boards are evenly covered with layers of paint.
  6. Allow the paint to dry, and you are good to go!